Alejandra Burgos dropped out her new single


The song features a catchy and upbeat melody, with funky guitar riffs and a driving rhythm section. Alejandra's powerful vocals shine through, adding a modern twist to the classic track.

Nate Case

Nate Case is a Minnesota-born singer-songwriter currently based in Heidelberg, Germany. His music can be described as space folk rock, blending elements of folk and rock with a unique atmospheric quality.


Tribubu is a dynamic world music band that offers a vibrant fusion of musical styles, blending rumba, folk, blues, and African beats into a unique and eclectic sound. The band's music is characterized by its energetic live performances, engaging lyrics, and a participative atmosphere that connects deeply with their audience.

Zayan Tebo

Zayan Tebo is an emerging South African artist. His music blends influences from gospel and traditional South African sounds, creating a unique fusion of styles.

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Analog soundscaping

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Groove Notes' commitment to artist development is truly outstanding. Their analog studio is top-notch and their transparent data management made tracking my royalties a breeze. Absolutely recommend to new artists!

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